Who will be affected by an increase in the Pennsylvania minimum wage to $10.10 per hour?

Workers currently making less than the increased minimum wage will be directly affected plus workers who make just above the new minimum wage will be indirectly affected by the “ripple effect” of an increase.
  • 1,265,000 Pennsylvania workers would get an increase in pay.
  • 58.6% of those affected will be women.
  • 87% of those affected would be over age 20 (not teenagers).
  • 73.4% of affected workers will be white.
  • 36.4% of all Latino workers will get a raise with an increase.
  • 32.3% of all Black workers will be affected.
  • 29.6% of all Asian workers will be affected.
  • 23.4% of affected workers have children.
  • 40.3% of affected workers will have full time jobs.
  • 83.6% of workers who will be affected by a minimum wage increase have a high school degree or more.
  • 28.8% of affected workers will have some college education.
  • 16.4% of affected workers who have children will be the only bread winner in their family.

Source: Economic Policy Institute analysis of Harkin-Miller minimum wage proposal using Current Population Survey Outgoing Rotation Group microdata


According to the Keystone Research Center, 530,000 Pennsylvania children have parents who will see a raise if the minimum wage is increased to $10.10 an hour. Click here for more info