Senate Labor & Industry Committee Meeting

On June 23rd, members of the Raise the Wage PA coalition went to Harrisburg to attend a Senate Labor & Industry Committee meeting. After 10 years without a vote on the minimum wage, a bill was reported out of the committee that may serve as a vehicle to raise the wage. 2 years of organizing across the state and in the districts of politicians holding minimum wage legislation hostage, we are one step closer to a pay raise for 1.3 million PA workers.

Raise the Wage PA holds Week of Action for a Fair Minimum Wage

During the week of March 13th, members of Raise the Wage PA rallied in 10 cities and towns across Pennsylvania, calling on the state legislature to raise the minimum wage. Legislation has been held hostage in committee for over 2 years, with the Republican leadership refusing to move the process forward and raise wages for over 1.2 million PA workers. It has been 10 years since the legislature voted on a minimum wage increase.

Raise the Wage PA presents Rep. Mauree Gingrich with the “Grinch of the Year” Award

On Tuesday, December 22, members of the Raise the Wage PA coalition in Lebanon, PA gave State Representative Mauree Gingrich the “Grinch of the Year” Award. Rep. Gingrich, who chairs the House Labor & Industry Committee, has kept legislation to raise the minimum wage bottled up in her committee since February. By doing so, she has prevented a wage hike for 13,000 Lebanon County workers and 1.3 million workers across the state.

Residents of Northeast PA hold event outside Senator Lisa Baker’s office

On Wednesday, October 7th, members of the Raise the Wage PA coalition who live in Senator Lisa Baker’s district held an event outside of her office. The event was focused on the fact that Senator Baker, who chairs the Labor & Industry committee, has been stonewalling a raise in PA’s minimum wage by refusing to report a bill out of her committee. Bills to raise the minimum wage have been in her committee since January.

Minimum Wage Supporters March on the PA Restaurant & Lodging Association

On Thursday, July 2nd, Raise the Wage PA held a rally in Harrisburg to raise the minimum wage. We joined 60 PA residents who had been occupying the Capitol all week to demand a fair state budget. Together, we marched to the PA Restaurant & Lodging Association to demand that they stop fighting against a fair minimum wage for Pennsylvania’s workers.

Activists Drop Off Over 10,000 Petition Signatures to Republican Leaders

On Monday, June 8th, members of the Raise the Wage PA coalition delivered over 10,000 petition signatures calling on the state legislature to raise PA’s minimum wage to at least $10.10 for all PA workers.

After a brief press conference, workers and other advocates went to the offices of Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman, Senate Labor & Industry Chair Lisa Baker, House Majority Leader Dave Reed, and House Labor & Industry Chair Mauree Gingrich to give them the petitions, and to demand that they stop stonewalling the process and allow a vote on legislation to raise the minimum wage.

They then stopped by Governor Wolf’s office, where the Governor himself met them and encouraged them to continue fighting for an increase.

State Senate Hearing on Raising the Minimum Wage

On Tuesday, May 5, the Senate Labor & Industry Committee held hearings on the impacts of raising Pennsylvania’s minimum wage. Workers, business owners, economists and advocates testified in favor of raising the wage. As usual, opposition lobbying groups were there to trot out the usual misinformation and distortion that they like to use to prevent workers from earning a decent wage. However, supporters who testified did a great job pushing back and showing that raising the minimum wage to at least $10.10 is good for workers, good for business, and good for the economy.

Press Events to highlight new Keystone Research Center report on benefits of raising the minimum wage

On Wednesday, April 22, the Keystone Research Center released a report showing how many workers in each county in PA will be impacted by raising the minimum wage to $10.10.
Raise the Wage PA held press events around the state on that day to highlight the importance of raising the wages of over 1.2 million Pennsylvanians and pumping $1.8 billion in new wages into the state’s economy. Press events were held in Allegheny, Berks, Bucks, Dauphin, Delaware, Indiana, Lehigh, Philadelphia & York counties.

2015 Kickoff Event

On February 9th, over 300 workers, activists and supporters gather at the Grace United Methodist Church in Harrisburg for our 2015 Kickoff event. We were joined by Democratic & Republican lawmakers who support raising the minimum wage, as well as Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack. After speakers and workshops on the issue, we marched to the Capitol, with the Lieutenant Governor front and center with low wage workers. Participants then went into the Capitol to lobby their elected officials to support raising the minimum wage.