Sept. 29th “Vote PA a Raise” Statewide Day of Action

On Monday, September 29th, advocates and workers came together in 10 cities across Pennsylvania for the “Vote PA a Raise” statewide day of action to call on their elected officials to raise the minimum wage to at least $10.10 an hour. Participants highlighted the upcoming state level elections, and emphasized that their results will likely impact whether or not we will see a wage hike in our state. This is why it is so important that Pennsylvanians show up at the polls in November. 70% of PA residents support raising the minimum wage, and it’s time that our elected officials and those running for office begin to listen up.

June 3rd Rally & Lobby Day in Harrisburg

On June 3rd, supporters from across Pennsylvania joined low wage workers in a rally & lobby day to raise the minimum wage. Workers spoke about trying to get by on poverty wages, the constant struggle of working for tips, and being victims of wage theft. Participants met with their elected officials throughout the day to let them know that $7.25 is not enough.

May 8th Statewide Day of Action

On Thursday, May 8th, members of Raise the Wage PA gathered in 8 cities across the state for a day of action to raise the minimum wage. Hundreds participated in the events, where workers shared what it’s like to scrape by on low wages and advocates expressed their support for increasing the minimum wage.